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Invest in quality brushes and care for them so they can continue to deliver amazing results. Why is it worth investing in quality makeup brushes? They forget that a very sophisticated makeup formula has to be applied and distributed in a way that delivers the intended result. Enter: the makeup brush. I have seen makeup artists take the same product and apply it using different tools, and each result is different because of the tool.

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Investing in a quality makeup brush is an investment in your routine. It will help enhance the results you get from using all your makeup products. What type of bristles are best?

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Technically the origin and meaning of bristles is stiff hog hair. Over the centuries it has become a catch-all term to describe animal hair, but that is not really helpful in consideration of choosing a makeup brush.

Some companies say they use "expensive" hair like sable or squirrel and claim those are the best bristles. But those considerations have more to do with the art world and painting with oil or acrylic paint than with makeup. And that is important because a conventional animal hair brush will be rubbing across the delicate skin around your eyes and mouth, and the rest of your face every day.

So, if you have any such sensitivities, you should avoid animal hair brushes, no matter the "quality" of the hair.

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Likewise, don't assume that animal-free options are all the same, as they are not. Different man-made fibers have different performance attributes, so you should look for brushes offered by companies that are experts in fiber technology and truly understand how to match a fiber's performance potential with makeup formulas. Conventional animal hair makeup brushes should be cleaned regularly using a similar method as to how you might clean you own hair. Animal hair shares the same pros and cons as human hair, so pick a cleaning regimen that will help dissolve excess makeup debris from the hairs, but leave the hair in a condition that does not promote splitting or breaking.

Many brands that offer conventional animal hair makeup brushes also offer their own brush cleaning formula products. It is generally a good idea to consider using a product that was designed to clean the makeup brushes made by that company. I took a different approach with the Artis Brushes. The CosmeFibre used is engineered to withstand many challenges associated with makeup use. It is chemical-, UV- and friction-resistant and therefore does not require any "conditioning" treatment to keep it performing at its peak.

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It is also important to consider sanitizing your brush as well, since a damp environment can encourage microbial growth. Artis offers a special Cleansing Foam formula that cleans and sanitizes without drowning the fiber bundle. Whichever method you choose, make sure you dissolve the makeup debris from the bundle, remove the debris with either water or cloth, and then sanitize it to maintain proper hygiene. Artis cofounder Matthew Waitesmith. How often should you clean them?


Unfortunately, most people do not clean their makeup brushes and find it to be an onerous task, therefore I created a cleaning system that would make it easier and more efficient. Clearing and cleaning continuously as you work is the best method, and the Brush Cleaning Pad and cleaning system make this very easy. I generally recommend that the cleaning regimen for makeup brushes should be similar to other cleaning regimens in a person's life.

If you wash your hair every day, then consider doing the same with your makeup brushes. If you change your bed sheets every week, then consider using that schedule for your makeup brushes. This flexibility in schedule assumes you are not using makeup product that quickly accumulates in the brush bundle, like some transfer-resistant foundations. If too much product accumulates in the bundle, the brush's ability to distribute product will severely decline.

A clean brush will always deliver the best results.

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So, the decision on how often you should clean them is yours to make, but I recommend frequent cleaning. Conventional animal hair brushes are prone to the same challenges the hair on your head is. If you sleep with your head in a weird position on your pillow, you can wake up with "bedhead" patterns and a wild hairdo. Similarly, conventional brushes are vulnerable to being reshaped by the way they are stored.

If they get crowded into an awkward space, the hairs will take on a new shape that will inhibit performance. Conventional hair brushes need to be stored in a position that does not disrupt the desired shape of the hair bundle. There are several options available including brush rolls, tubes, and boxes to hold the brush between uses. Artis brushes are different in that they are made with CosmeFibre, which is engineered to include shape memory. This means the brush will keep it shape significantly better, even when challenged by the storage environment.

When a brush has the ability to keep it shape better, it can be stored in more types of containers and cases. Keep the storage area or container dry and clean, and your brushes will keep in good condition. What are the signs that your makeup brushes need to be replaced? Some people make the mistake of thinking a brush is "down and out" and ready to be discarded when it may be just suffering from being dirty.

But, there are inevitable influences that can cause a brush to suffer a premature death. For example, conventional animal hair brushes can be damaged just as easily as the hair on your head. They can get dry, and develop split ends, and the hair shafts can break off. Animal hair is made of protein and amino acids, which can erode from water, shampoo, UV, friction, etc. So depending on how it has been used and cared for, a makeup brush might have a short life or a long one. Sleek black finish. Or enter your phone number, customer service of fado Password must be at least 6 characters , is not allowed longer than 30 characters, including numbers and letters.

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Artis Cofounder Matthew Waitesmith On Everything You Need To Know About Makeup Brushes

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