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Name: fireball. Does anyone use the fireface successfully with ffado? If anyone can recommend good quality for a cheaper price that'd be great too.. J From reduzent at gmail. I adapted the bitmask stuff in the the Pd patch and the Arduino sketch so that 6 bits are used for the pin address. This means, the velocity has now only steps. Check the attachments. Beware, I wasn't able to actually test the modifications as I currently don't have an arduino at hand.

I'm not totally sure if I understand you correctly, but this should be fine, as long as [solenoiduino] receives 'trigger X Y' messages. The main difference between your version and mine is that yours uses the Tlc stuff. I don't know how this part behaves if you set and update twice in a row very quickly.

May be this is the culprit? Just a guess, I can't test here and I don't have a clue what this code does or if it does something time critical at all. A cheap work-around might be to rate-limit the messages on the Pd side.

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Regarding the handshake: You may skip that all-together if it doesn't work for you, as it isn't really necessary. I thought it might be a convenient way check to make sure the hardware has the correct firmware loaded. To quickly test send to [comport] and see if you get something back. If so, the problem might be in the [solenoiduino] abstraction.

But i have not tested it personally. The fireface and work fine with ffado.

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I use them a lot under all operating systems. Need to set them new by hand, every time you start ffado, as it always resets these values to default. You need a Kernel with at least 3. Works ok with jack and ffado. Or at least that's what I was told. GO fuzz. Thanks D. GR fuzz. GT fuzz.

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I can't reproduce this on the machines I've tried it on If I connect my Logitech C via USB and set the input audio to the webcams microphone, the audio quality is veery bad, even during the audio test. If disable incoming audio, the sound is clear again. I use ALSA as jack never happened to be connected correctly. Is there any idea what can it cause?

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That has been fixed since. It sucks a lot that you can't use all the fancy effects on the Fireface when using it in class compliant mode. Also only one lonely control the master volume gets exposed in ALSA mixer.

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That is if you are buying new hardware, computer or soundcard, today. Now that i think of it, the new max velocity is , is it possible the arduino could interpret this as trying to establish a connection again and not as the 'velocity' byte? I haven't noticed a problem but i haven't tested it properly yet.


Have you a problem with that? If yes can you send us a little patch that illustrate this problem? I guess it might be specific to I've attached a screenshot of the audio settings. The problem persists even when I increase the Block size to I paste again the mail: Mensaje original Asunto: Worse performance with -nogui. This crashed Pd. Maybe a bug? Attempting to save some CPU -nogui option , I started using the patch and recorded all the sample banks If I mute all the banks, the clicks are there, at low volume but very audible. Then, I realized that that noise is there only with -nogui option.

Using GUI, it sounds great. Is this a known issue? Because I expected to have the opposite result I'm using Pd-Extended 0. It does the same noise with the integrated soundcard.

Driver Info:

Here is the WIP last version: 0. I've heard all ppl using those devices with ffado happy about it.


If you look at the discussions on the ffado list there's not much, but apparently everything should work fine. It's not a cheap one, but the output and input preamp quality is great. U'll need latest ffado 2. I would like to be able to turn them on or off one by one.? Is there any kind of switch in pd which allows me to do that?? September An: pd-list at iem. Thanks From jtnewlin at gmail. The help file says that the directory containing the samples must also contain a text file named "index.

But it does not say how exactly one is supposed to enter that information in the text file. I tried writing a couple of lines to test it "g1" and "g2" are sample filenames : g1 0 g2 Can someone teach me how to use this? Thanks, Joe -- www. Today, I've installed Ubuntu Studio It seemed that it was a good distro for my use But, TouchOSC is closed-code Maybe you can add [declare -path. Then you can use it as a main point of reference for relative path names. That doesn't happen here.

There is no such message in the source code. Maybe you have an older version of routeOSC? Older versions of [routeOSC] before March didn't work properly, so you probably just need to find a more recent one or build it from svn. What do I have to do to install Pd vanilla in Linux Raspbian from the compiled archive available on Miller's site? I don't know whether i need to run a command or just to copy the uncompressed folder somewhere. Thanks in advance!