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  • How to switch from PC/Windows to a Mac as painlessly as possible.
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  • How to quickly switch between windows and apps on Mac;

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How to quickly change between open programs on Mac and PC

Apple's warning: Break Safari's web-tracking rules and we'll hit back. Before making the move.

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Add Your Comment. Hardware Weird gadgets that are actually really useful. Mobility iPhone Specs, pricing, rumors, release date, more. With multiple desktops you can organize your workflow, allowing you to do things like research on one desktop while you write on another.

How to Switch Between Mac and Windows on Parallels Desktop

To switch between desktops, you could just open Mission Control then click the desktop you want to open. If you want a particular application to always show up on a certain desktop, or even on all desktops, simply right-click its dock icon, then move to the Options submenu.

From here you can assign an application to a given desktop, or even have it show up on all desktops. Do you know about the full screen button? Click this button and the current application will enter full screen mode, meaning the dock and menu bar disappear and the current window takes up the entire screen. Head to System Preferences, then the Mission Control section. Below these options you can set custom keyboard and mouse shortcuts for launching Mission Control. But it's really hard to remember all steps clearly.

How To Switch Windows with Your Keyboard

Need help in switching windows and Mac OS? Option key on Mac is similar to the Alt key on the keyboard on Windows computer.

I have heard many of my friends complaining that they are not accustomed to Mac OS X.