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A mathematics-oriented programming language which is both simple and powerful enough to be useful in any science, mathematics, or engineering related career.

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A general purpose Computer Algebra system. It is useful for research and development of mathematical algorithms. It defines a strongly typed, mathematically correct type hierarchy. It has a programming language and a built-in compiler. A computer algebra system for polynomial computations, with special emphasis on commutative and non-commutative algebra, algebraic geometry, and singularity theory.

GraphClick is a graph digitizer software which allows to automatically retrieve the original x,y -data from the image of a scanned graph or from a QuickTime movie. Macintosh OSX only. It draws 2D and 3D graphs of real, complex, parametric and implicit functions, as well as 2D and 3D vector fields. KaleidaGraph allows the user to import, manipulate, and analyze data, as well as create customized plots.

Statistics, linear and nonlinear curve fitting, and the ability to produce precise graphic visualization of data all make KaleidaGraph powerful and flexible. Macintosh OSX and Windows. DataThief III. DataThief III is a program to extract data points from a graph.

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Scan a graph, load it into DataThief, and save the resulting coordinates. Written in Java. Multiple Y axes plots are created from existing Excel Charts. The plot is a picture that appears on a separate Excel Chart. Versions for Excel and Macintosh OSX, and Windows. Contour Plotting Program for Excel. Contour Plot works with any contour data.

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It accommodates rectangular data, nearly rectangular data, and irregular data. It includes a data generator for polynomials or any equation. Mathematical Modeling for the Macintosh. Equations, with or without uncertainties weights , Distributions, continuous or discrete data. User-selected optimization criterion where appropriate Least squares, Minimum average abs residual , Maximum likelihood, Minimum K-S statistic, Minimum chi-square statistic.

Supports Macintosh OS X only. Supports numeric and symbolic calculations, scripts, and graphics. Program that solves numerically algebraic systems of non-linear, and linear, equations where one only has to write down the equations to obtain the results. It also includes a database of thermodynamical properties for many substances and a symbolic mathematical program to perform mathematical operations. Basically the program is an open source clone of the EES but written in Java.

HyperView Player. Standard and Pro versions. Imports workspaces from R and data from many other sources. A great tool for creating AppleScript Dictionaries for for developers writing scriptable applications. XML document support. Strong graphics support and data visualization. Smile companion osax.

Text search-and-replace commands and regular expressions, scientific computing, folder synchronization. GraphPad Prism. Scientific graphing, comprehensive curve fitting nonlinear regression , understandable statistics, and data organization.

Equation Editor for Mac

High Performance Computing Software List. Lively Logic. Over 80 arithmetic, statistical, logical, calendar, and text functions. Creates line graphs, scatter plots, bar graphs, bubble graphs, candlestick charts, pie charts, and tables. DAE Solver. Some higher index problems index 2 and above can be solved too, including problems on mechanical systems with holonomic constraints. Download from Mac App Store. FiPy is an object oriented, partial differential equation PDE solver, written in Python, based on a standard finite volume FV approach.

AcaStat and StatCalc.

Design Science: MathType - Equation Editor

Analyze raw data using common statistical procedures. AcaStat produces frequencies tables, crosstabulations, descriptive statistics, correlations, multiple regression, logistic regression, and related significance tests. Over twenty drawing commands available. Function fitting and statistical analysis capabilities. Tables can have millions of rows, and drawing commands can handle large data sets at interactive speeds so you can resize a graph with hundreds of thousands of line segments just as easily as one with a few points.

Macintosh OS X, only. Plots lines and planes in spherical, equal angle or equal area, projections AppleScriptable and recordable. Matrix Buddy. Simple application for linear algabra. Implements a heuristic techniques for curve fitting. Supports stepwise regression with backward elimination. Statistical analysis. MathMod is a mathematical modeling software that visualize and animate implicit and parametric surfaces.

Agena is an procedural programming language designed to be used in science, scripting, and many other applications. Math environment for rapid engineering and scientific prototyping and data processing. Real and complex arithmetics, efficient text processing, graphics, flexible data structures, intelligent procedures, simple package management, plus various configuration facilities. Visit my other pages:. Math Tools. Graphing Calculator Simply the coolest little graphing calculator ever written.

SciLab Mathematics Software Open source math platform for numerical computation. Octave Mathematics Software Open source math platform for numerical computation. MagicPlot G raphing, nonlinear curve fitting. HippoDraw Highly interactive data analysis environment for large data sets. ByeGraph ByeGraph is a graph drawing application.

Math can be a daunting task when you don't have the right support. Photomath is the 1 app to learn math, to take the frustration out of math and to bring more peace to your daily student life. Whether you are a mathlete or math challenged, Photomath will help you interpret problems with comprehensive math content from arithmetic to calculus to drive learning and understanding of fundamental math concepts.

Photomath reads and solves mathematical problems instantly by using the camera of your mobile device.

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Check your work for any printed or handwritten problems. Learn how to approach math problems through clear steps and detailed instructions. You can even choose between multiple explanation methods for some problems. Photomath shows beautifully animated calculation steps, just like a teacher or tutor would do in real life on a chalkboard. Enter or edit scanned math problems using an intuitive math keyboard.

Experiment with changes to get a deeper understanding of math problems. Use graphs to visualize math problems. You can not only explore graph details such as the root, the domain, etc. This is a fantastic app. The text recognition is near perfect, even with my sloppy handwriting. The solution, no matter how complicated, is accompanied with steps which go in detail to explain the problem and it's properties. I use this app mostly to check my work and see exactly where I went wrong in solving. I use this on all of my homework and practice notes.

Type and handwrite mathematical notation with the world’s most popular equation editor

Five out five stars, hands down. GAP is an open source and free software for computational diagnostic algebra that special focus on computation group theory. This application assists you with a library of tons of functions using algebraic algorithms created in GAP language, a huge database of algebraic objects and a programming language. It is used for research purposes and also for teaching that includes topic like, vectors, combinational structures, representations, algebras, and much more. Being an open source software you can study and even modify the details for any of your work.

Not just basic mathematical problems, but Euler Math Toolbox also helps you to solve any complex problems efficiently. This free math software can perform several different mathematical calculations like, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction to calculus functions, algebra, matrices and more.

The chief idea behind this free software is provide everybody with a versatile tool that can help you solve almost all kind of mathematical problems.