Fifa 13 mac ps3 controller settings

The graphics card and processor couldn't handle it. I was unable to find a Mac gaming controller and couldn't map the controls properly for my PS3 controller. With a new iMac you may have better luck performance-wise than I did. Quote: Originally Posted by Fifa13 I without a shadow of a doubt would say that the graphics on the PlayStation 3 are better than on any other console for football games.

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Connect a USB Controller to Android

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Just Right Click each button, and click "Record" then press the button you want that input to be mapped to on your peripheral. Or Right Thumbstick to Right Thumbstick and so on. Just click "OK".

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Ignore this. It didn't stop the gamepad from working like it should. It will always come up. Not sure how to fix it, or if it even matters. And now the program is finally running on it's own. If you move the thumbsticks, or press any buttons, and the gamepad is set up already, the controller should react on this screen. Now, after that, you should be able to move on to the spoiler titled " Moving the program files to the game folder:". However, if you aren't using a gamepad and are using some other peripheral, or your game needs a particular Hook Mode check Compatibility List in the Introduction , read the next spoiler.

This is setting the Hook Mode which basically decide how much data the program converts.

Most titles will work fine on Normal, but if you find that the particular game you want to use the gamepad for isn't working, check the compatibility list, or randomly pick a different mode to see if that fixes it. It very well could. This chooses the peripheral type. Very useful for customizing. Highlight all the files in the folder you extracted the Configuration Program and Library into, and copy them Not cut, you will find out why later. I did already delete the. Find the place where the.

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For Steam games, it is usually at this directory:. In the above pictures case, it is Batman: Arkham City. Then you paste the files there. Each program accesses a different. So each one is unique. You would do this for every game you want to use the peripheral in. This way each one has a unique setup, if you want one, and it is required because that is how the program works.

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Re-open the configuration program, set it up as you wish. Once you are done, or if you don't want to change anything, close the program again. Leave it closed. It doesn't have to be open when you play the game. It is just to configure the. Now, start the game and see if it works. It should, as it did perfectly for Arkham City for me at least.

Why does my controller randomly presses buttons?

Some games require different. I hope you enjoyed and understood this How To.

How To Set Up FIFA 12 Manual Controls

If you have any questions, ask them and I will do my best to answer. The shear number of customizations you can do is pretty epic with this software. I am using it to use my gamepad I recently got to play the various games that I like to play with a gamepad with it Racing, Fighting, and Sports. I highly recommend it. For my pertinent links to guides, reviews, and anything similar, go here , and look under the spoiler labeled such.

How to get Fifa 13 Mac and Pc

This thing is awesome in comparison and I think it can replace MotionJoy potentially. I'd have to tinker with it. And thanks. Pretty sweet indeed. Your wireless controller, does it have to be on before you launch a game for it to work? Like my x controller, it has to be on before I launch a game, it's annoying because I forget all the time. I will test this when I get home.

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I mean, if you are using an actual Xbox controller, it is probably wired. If it is wired, just turn it on and leave it on while you are on the computer. Like, all the time.

That's what I would do. This one auto-configures if your peripheral is recognized using settings from a database that the users of this program have setup. I like this more. A lot more. There are no diagonals with a keyboard.

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You have to have A and W pressed at the same time to go up-right, or you don't. So technically, you have 2 inputs and not 1.