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Featuring gritty, grounded, fluid Multiplayer combat, the biggest Zombies offering ever with three full undead adventures at launch, and Blackout, where the universe of Black Ops comes to life in one massive battle royale experience. Multiplayer raises the bar, delivering the most thrilling grounded combat experience yet with a focus on tactical gameplay and player choice.

Indebted to the wrong people, with his life on the line, veteran of the U. Cavalry and now hired gun, Booker DeWitt has only one opportunity to wipe his slate clean. He must rescue Elizabeth, a mysterious girl imprisoned since childhood and locked up in the flying city of Columbia. When a redneck awakes bandaged in the Ancient Egypt with the only company of his most beloved weapons… The bloodbath starts!

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Unleash the power of the Gods! Receive the blessing of Apis, Sekhmet and more: each one will give you its own weapons and abilities. Procedural dungeons filled with bad monsters wait for you to enter and discover the secrets of the Ancient Pyramids of Egypt. Blood, bullets, evil monsters, big bosses and a ton of fun: Take your gun and let the craziness begin! Shoot first, eat cheese later! Jump into a fast, frenetic and exciting one-hit, one-kill FPS arena shooter with a totally level playing field, tonnes of maps, customisation and a robust map editor!

Scavengers from all over the galaxy have come to a dead Earth to loot the remains of the technology that can found in underground tunnels. You must fight your way past the scum of the universe. As you prepare for deadly combat, you are going to quickly learn that the future is Bullet Force features a free spectator mode and an option to disable HUD, making the game perfect for all your montage needs.

What starts as a simple exploratory mission to gather supplies to support their shop rapidly turns into a journey revealing Myrahs unknown past and her relationship to a rare, coveted, and nearly extinct material called Morphite. In order to unlock and understand the mysteries of her past, Myrah must travel to undiscovered planets, roam uncharted sectors of space, and confront exotic creatures and locales in search of this Morphite.

Inspired by classic shooters, Gunscape takes all their most memorable elements and puts them in a toolkit to create single player and co-op campaigns or multiplayer arenas. Each theme set contains unique world building blocks, player models, enemies and bosses! In the early days of FPS games, map editors were simple enough that it didn't take long to learn how to create a whole new adventure for the player. Featuring mind melting secrets and persistent gore that allows you to paint levels red with the excessive entrails of your enemies. Tower of Guns is a fast-paced, bullet-hell, first person shooter with randomized levels and enemies, power ups, epic bosses and tons of unlockable items and weapons.

You never know what to expect next! It is a pure FPS experience for players who just want to shoot stuff, battle gigantic bosses, collect loot, and upgrade their abilities and weapons to insane levels! So grab a rocket launcher, slap a shotgun modifier on it, pick up a hundred stackable double jumps, and get to conquering the Tower of Guns! Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot brings virtual reality to the revolution against the Nazis. Your mission: aid the French resistance by taking control of powerful Nazi war machines.

Online features require an account and are subject to terms of service and applicable privacy policy playstationnetwork. Oldschool FPS. The game features open-world shooter mechanics the game allows you shoot freely without seeing any wall or physical obstructions. The game allows a unique experience due to the extraordinary features n mechanics it uses. It is a story of Ajay Ghale who is on his way to home from America, and he finds the war going on between the Royal Army and the rebel movement. From here you get missions where you help the citizen in various ways and slowly following the maps, it gives you the just right amount of exploration.

To feel the dragon age, you can prefer playing tips one that falls among these Borderlands alternatives. It is same as the previous one, but the sequel takes it to an advanced form regarding hunting monsters, gathering resources, modify characters, etc.

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Also, the game follows a concept of thermal energy which is improved in the sequel. Now, unlike the first version of Lost Planet, it will not drain the thermal energy from the players continuously but only when they are dealing with any weapons that need the thermal energy. If at any time, you are out of thermal energy then you can get it from other players to be alive until you get yours.

Just like its name, the entire game is set in a horrified environment that it looks like a land of the dead. Now here exploration takes place where you need to go through all these dead items saving yourself from being eaten. Search the place, perform battles find resources and use these as your trouble solver. You can have the gameplay on Windows, Xbox , and PS3.

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According to the storyline, things were not dead or horrified, but the island was another form of a tropical resort. Everything gets changes after having a party one night, and all the guests are now zombies. Just like the first version named as Dead Island, it the sequel that falls among the Borderlands like games. Here the entire storyline remains same but it is a new world to explore with new features and other innovative things. The game is available for PC, PS3 and Xbox where you experience things in an open world completing your missions and taking those zombies to hell.

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Just delete your character than you think looks best to kill out all those dead things. Go with the skills you want and be ready on the Dead Island: Riptide. The game offers a sci-fi based theme where you can feel the gameplay that is a mixture of genres. So the entire aura looks impressive, and it feels like existing in a new world. So if you want to feel some extraordinary play, then you can never go wrong with Destiny which is one of the Borderlands alternatives.

You are free to choose form Hunters, Warlocks and Titans as these are three classes you have. From there you can continue exploring missions, resources, and wars. Check games like destiny for pc. Another action role-playing inspired game that is in the record since and doing fine for the genre. There are four classes, and you can choose between single player and multiplayer while doing so much fun activities like gathering, crafting, fishing, adopting pets, etc. Also, day and night circle is there too to get it more realistic.

The game follows the storyline of the TV show with the same name.

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The game sets you in the universe with a science fiction theme for sure. It is a third person role-playing that can be played on both Windows and consoles. This one offers the same experience just like the games similar to Borderlands where you can get the mechanics easily if you have already watched the show. You can have character customization for the appearance and skills too. Also, you can edit your weapons as well and make them in the way you want. It offers the first person shooter experience that feels same as Borderlands where the game has endless elements and omissions.

An asteroid has hit the earth, and now the world is set into the post-apocalyptic place where you are one of the survivors.

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Performing the role of Nicholas Raine you start exploring the places to find your memories while keeping yourself from other troubles as monsters and other harmful factors. The world is full of endless towns and other than the main mission there are side quests too that you encounter during your journey and get resources. The game sets you in New York City that seems un-happening and just like a wasteland. Now you are an agent whose mission is to find out all the criminal activities and crush them right away to colonize it again. So if you love playing as a protective agent, then the game brings you just the right story and missions to take place in.

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Here you find an open place where you need to restore things and settle the peace all over again. You can have up to three weapons of your choice and save yourself while protecting the city. The game brings you Borderlands like gameplay that you can have on your Android and iOS devices.

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So those who prefer smartphones for the same gameplay are going to love playing this one.