Mac mini connect to projector

A white label helps you identify which end is up for easy, quick insertion. Measuring 5 inches long, the adapter is a pocket-sized, portable accessory for connecting to a monitor or projector. When used with a VGA cable sold separately , the adapter offers quick plug-and-play capability that is ideal for presentations on the go. Warranty Details: Visit warranty page.

Specification of the Mac mini

Find a reseller. Overview Features Support. At A Glance: Connects laptops to external monitors and projectors Ideal for dual-display setups or presentations Plug and play for seamless connection to external displays Reliable connection with molded strain relief Compact, portable 5-inch design Requires separate VGA cable. The information you provided is invalid or incomplete. Great item great price. As good as the one from Apple. Easy to facilitate connection between projector and computer worked perfectly.

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Connect your mac to projector

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Can I use this to connect to a projector? Works great with MacBook Pro. Does it work on a Surface Pro 3? Works great. Will it work for a projector? Hi I need to run PowerPoints on the surface 3 to the projector will this work?

It worked great and I had no issues. Exactly what I wanted. Please help.

Amazing Product. Versatile adapter, especially useful for traveling and presenting in many different places. Fits Nintendo Switch?

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Worked great. Can i use this to connect my ps4 to my monitor that only has a display port connection?

Will it project from a macbook air, to a pc, and then have the image cast on a projector? Will this connect an amazon fire to a vga port? Cheap spare. Have a dell xps13 ; has mini-displayport unlike later xps13's that have usb-c. Is this compatible for dual displays for the nvidia quadro p?

Good product. Great service. Thank-you very much. Love it! Has anyone ran dual monitor with mac mini. Works great! So Far So Good.

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Love the fact that no matter what type of interface Is this so you can watch a video from ipad on tv? Can i use it for three devices at once? This saves me when I give a presentation and the I use this to show video of my paragliding students A very important piece. Explore sata cables for risers. Explore vga adapters for mac. Explore GPU cards for mining.

Explore hdmi adapters for ipad. Customer review. Functions exactly as expected Adapters are usually pretty simple tech, but this one stands out for the following few reasons: 1. The build quality is great. You can generally tell during the installation process whether you bought a quality product, or cheap garbage.

I especially appreciate the design of the release lever on the Displayport, there's nothing worse than not having enough grip strength to press in some ungodly stiff button made from cheap plastic. There is absolutely no response delay. Lastly, I had one problem about a week ago where the screen would constantly jitter. This does not mean the adapter is broken.

Mini DisplayPortTM to VGA

I simply hadn't had it in tight enough. No noticeable damage was incurred due to this, which tells me the device is quite sturdy and will last a long time. I used this device to display a x graphics tablet screen, though it will go. It changed my life. I was going nowhere, fast, and was pretty much ready to end it all, when I found the Rankie DisplayPort to VGA adapter, and, you know, it gave me a reason to keep on getting up in the mornings.

Thank you, Rankie.