Switching to linux from mac

Let's be honest, the Apple keyboard French layout is utter crap, but as many things involving muscle memory, once you're used to it, it's a pain in the ass to readapt to anything else. I struggled for something like three weeks fighting old habits in this area, then eventually got through. Last, a bunch of OSX apps are not available on Linux, so you have to find their equivalent, when they exist. The good news is, most often they do.

What also changed in last ten years is the explosion of the Web as an application platform. Just ensure using a modern Web browser like Firefox, which luckily ships by default in Ubuntu. The cool thing is it acts as a bouncer so it keeps track of messages when you go offline, and has a nice Android app which syncs. There is obviously lots of things Web apps can't do, like searching your local files or updating your system.

And let's admit that sometimes for specific tasks native apps are still more efficient and better integrated by definition than what the Web has to offer. I was a hardcore Alfred. On Linux there's quite no strict equivalent though Unity Dash , Albert or synapse can cover most of its coolness. If you use the text shortcuts feature of Alfred or if you use TextExpander , you might be interested in AutoKey as well.

I couldn't spot any obvious usability difference between Nautilus and the OSX Finder , but I mostly use their basic features anyway. To emulate Finder's QuickLook , sushi does a proper job. The switch shouldn't be too hard as most popular editors are available on Linux: Sublime Text , Atom , VSCode and obviously vim and emacs.

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I've been a super hardcore Lightroom user and lover, but eventually found Darktable and am perfectly happy with it now. Its ergonomics take a little while to get used to though.

From Linux to OS X - 1 Year Later · (think)

If you want to get an idea of what kind of results it can produce, take a look at my NYC gallery on px , fwiw all the pictures have been processed using DarkTable. Disclaimer: if you find these pictures boring or ugly, it's probably me and not DarkTable. Ah the good old days when you only had Gnome Solitaire to have a little fun on Linux. Nowadays even Steam is available for Linux, with more and more titles available.

Switching to Linux

That should get you covered for a little while. Most of the time, it works just fine. I'm using a Bose Mini SoundLink over bluetooth and never had any issues pairing and using it. Byt the way, it's not always easy to switch between audio sources; Sound Switcher Indicator really helps by adding a dedicated menu in the top bar:. I'm definitely not an expert in the field but have sometimes needs for quickly crafting short movies for friends and family.

While studying password managers for work lately, I've stumbled upon Enpass , it's a good equivalent of 1Password which doesn't have a Linux version of their app. Enpass has extensions for the most common browsers, and can sync to Dropbox or Owncloud among other cloud services. I'm using them on Linux too. ScreenCloud allows making screenshots, annotate them and export them to different targets like the filesystem or online image hosting providers like imgur or DropBox.

Diodon is a simple yet efficient clipboard manager, exposing a convenient menu in the system top bar. Previews with space bar — check thanks to Sushi with their website Search and launch with one key — check built in Firefox with all my bookmarks, passwords, settings — check Firefox Sync Spotify — check. Dropbox and Google Drive — check.

February 2017 — Settling Into GNOME

Wunderlist — check. VLC — check with some annoying detours. Sketch … nothing yet. I tried a few online tools like Vectr , and impressive as they are to run in a browser, they are too slow and lack functionality. I welcome suggestions! Thunderbird supports Google Mail out of the box, and multiple accounts. Great start. Thunderbird comes with the Lightning calendar , installing plugin Provider makes it work with multiple Google calendars. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. The default Calendar app shows all my Google calendars immediately after adding my Google accounts see screenshot up.

This is how I want these things to work. There are a few options, of which Darktable seems the most popular. Much as the website, the interface feels old and not very well thought-through, but it gets the job done.

From Linux to OS X - 1 Year Later

As much as I respect the developers working on this Open Source version, I prefer Lightroom hands down, for many reasons. This thing is pretty awesome. It connects, through one USB-C connector:. Just one USB-C catching all this is superb. Gaming on Linux? Thanks to Steam. Not all the new and most modern, but I for example had Borderlands in my library, installed it, worked like a charm. Time Machine is great. Incremental backups, file versions, the ease of use, and migrating to a new Mac is a breeze.

Linux still has the problem that most of the graphics, websites or artwork are stuck in the early s. People are used to much better and more modern, so this damages the brand and product experience, unfortunately. Things are getting better at a fast rate, but they could do with some more user interface and design hires to get more people on board. After running Antergos almost full-time for two weeks, I am very pleasantly surprised how easy and fast things have become, and how quickly I got used to it. Personally, not having Sketch, Lightroom, Photoshop or Premiere are possibly too much of a pain.

I know, Gimp , but after Photoshopping for 15 years, the cost of switching gets very steep. But other than that, yes. Linux is more than capable of replacing macOS or Windows as operating system for professionals , complete with free to use software and backups. Dell has kick-ass hardware. You need to install a giant lame IDE just to get a bunch of command line development tools?

Switching to Linux FOR REAL - My Experience 1 Month Later

Yep, I know about the tools being available separately for couple of months now, but requesting an Apple developer registration just to get them seems a bit to much to me. Am I happier now without Linux? Absolutely not! Should you dump Linux and join me in darkness? How the hell should I know? Not having to deal with hardware problems and immature desktop apps is like a breath of fresh air and it more than compensates for the few shortcomings of OS X. There is unfortunately a lot of corporate pressure from Apple as well, but as you already know by now - there are never perfect things, there are always compromises.

Cheers, mates!

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  4. From Linux to OS X The transition was initially painful - I felt very odd dragging app icons to the Applications folder to install them. To sum it all up - I got up to speed fairly quickly, but it was a bumpy ride. It alone warrants the purchase of a Mac. Hardware compatibility If something is supposed to work with OS X - it works superbly out-of-the-box. Stability One year, three Macs - only two or three system crashes.