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But the Engine Roadmap is not something to go by. In other words. It is up to Bioware.

But is it ever coming to MacOS?

I'm not totally familiar with how licensing works but from what I understand Microsoft charges a developer license fee to use DirectX. Apple, however, uses OpenGL which is open source. Runs like a champ. Too expensive a port for too little a client base, not to mention patch synchronization across two OS.

I learned a while ago, if you like great games, your best bet is to get a PC, or use Boot Camp to run Windows. The third option is to get a console. Aramyth To all you people who are all "wassh I don't like OSx cause it's a monopoly", and similar complaints, you better take a look a who makes your precious DirectX. Caelrie Originally Posted by Mithrand.

But then you are stuck with only windows, which is awful. They are breathtaking compared to most others. I know there is no way of convincing you as I used to hate mac until I went to film school and was forced to use one. I was dying to get back to my windows machine a few months later and then when I finally did it was terrible compared to the mac I was forced to use. I've never looked back since. All rights reserved.

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All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. You are about to leave this website Close Continue. Originally Posted by oscardeleon Right. Originally Posted by JetAten I really wish they had a native mac client.

Originally Posted by MiaRB people buy macs because they think it makes them "hip". Sounds like something a little kid would say. I like Mac OS, I prefer it.

WineHQ - Star Wars: The Old Republic

My first computer was a mac and I've had them ever since. I don't really care for the adolescent arugements of immature people who think its some kind of lifestyle statement. Its a computer. Its not a pair of designer jeans. They've achieved some fantastic things given the rocky start with their tools but from what I've picked up over many months, it does seem like they've essentially re-created the wheel where the original Hero engine's concerned. After this interview, a quote or official statement from anyone at BioWare or EA on this matter is none existent.

Which is strange really since considering the turbulent times the game has faced since its release. Going from a monthly subscription model to free to play in just less than 12 months must have been a massive slap in the face to both the developer and publisher. In fairness though, they did react and since the F2P model has been implemented it has seen a rise in the player base and servers are now showing a healthy player base mainly due to the fact several servers have been shut down and player migrations were implemented.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 for Mac OSX

Part of this reason was due to a dwindling user base something that maybe more platforms could have helped avoid? Where is my reasoning you ask? World of Warcraft is the dominant MMO of current times largely due to the fact Blizzard has always done a stand up job of supporting OS X with its games and the continued success of WoW is due to its large players bases with both Windows and Mac which is why they could continue to keep the monthly subscription model.

If EA and BioWare want to show the gaming community they are serious about supporting gamers and changing their ways then putting the time and effort into the development of SWOTOR for these platforms is a must.

Can your Mac run it?

In the long-term only they can gain from it. Aspyr has developed plenty of Star Wars games previously and I am sure both companies would relish the challenge of developing an MMO. The Old Republic forum has had an page thread with just under comments on it about this very subject. Mac Rumors forum has a thread with 10 pages, comments, and nearly , views. The proof is in the pudding. It no less than we and the game deserve.

Andrew Oh please no.

I want to play only on OS X, and the client must be good enough. Guild Wars 2 client is total crap for example even if the game is awesome. Well said Ikir. I also work in IT in a Windows environment and tbh I really dislike it. Sure you get better graphics on Windows but Mac gamers are generally more stable as the OS is better designed and streamlined.

I think your missing the point of the article, Chris. The article is not meant to bash Windows. Andrew and Chris, Are you are posting on a Mac centric gaming site to troll Mac users? I played it in a wine wrapper for awhile but then they broke it in a way that could not easily be fixed.

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  7. Yeah and still a couple of months after that first announcement, absolutely no news, at all…. This free tool uses the data from every game we've ever tested to show you what games your Mac can run. Star Wars: The Old Republic for Mac, where is it? But is it ever coming to MacOS? At the time no definite timescale was given for a release of a Mac port but they did add: