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Traditional or Simplified Chinese, Hong Kong characters, Japanese and Korean writing, English, numbers, even symbols—all can be recognized easily, even mixed together, with no restrictions on the sequence or style of writing. Features Windows requirements East Asian all-in-one package Recognize over 23, traditional and simplified Chinese characters, special Hong Kong characters, English letters, symbols, numbers, Japanese Kanji, Katakana and Hiragana and Korean characters. Support Unicode system to display Traditional and Simplified Chinese easily.

Smart Interface The new Full-screen interface combines multiple inputting interfaces for you to choose from, including Full-screen continual writing interface, Writing Pad interface and Infinity-mode Writing interface. Cursive writing and Artificial Intelligence recognition kernel No particular stroke order is required.

Capable of recognizing extremely cursive handwriting accurately.

How to Type Chinese on a Mac

Highly adaptable to the uniqueness of your handwriting and can be used as a personal handwriting system. Automatic Correction Function With the built-in vocabulary and phrases database for proofreading, the system automatically corrects the recognition results. Pressure sensitive effect The writing pen has an additional pressure sensitive function.

The writing stroke produced will be like one of the eight pen styles such as Mark pen, Chalk and calligraphy. Macintosh requirements Beyond Mouse and Keyboard 1. Close 2. Follow the instructions on the screen to select various nice features that you want in Google Pinyin Input.

Enable & Access Chinese Character Input in Mac OS X

Among many features for you to select, you can select either Traditional Chinese characters or Simplified Chinese characters for the output. After you finished selecting all the nice features of Google Pinyin, then back out of the Settings of the smartphone. If you tap [EN], the space bar shows [English] indicating that it is in English input mode. The Globe icon to the left of space bar is a toggle switch providing another method for you to switch between Chinese Input and English Input.

B2 - Chinese Input by Handwriting So, tap on this icon for handwriting pad. Then a larger touch sensitive handwriting pad shows up.

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You can use your finger tip to write Chinese characters on this writing pad to input Chinese characters. B3 - Chinese Input by Voice Tap on this microphone icon will bring up a Voice Input screen with a green colored microphone icon plus a line of "Speak now" indicating that the smartphone is now ready to take your Voice Input.

However, in my Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone, this second method provides only Simplified Chinese characters, but no Traditional Chinese characters for the output. Tap Menu Apps button on your smartphone GS 5 2. Tap Settings of GS 5 smartphone 3. This will download and activate the Chinese language in this smartphone. Then back out of the Settings of the smartphone. The Space Bar at the bottom of the Samsung Keyboard now has two horizontal small arrows: one points to the right and the other point to the left after the Chinese language is activated as described above.

You can switch between English language and Chinese language by sliding this Space Bar to the right or to the left. After you slide the Space Bar for the Chinese language, the keyboard then becomes the Chinese Pinyin input keyboard so that you can input Chinese by Pinyin method on the keyboard. C2 - Chinese Input by Handwriting But if you prefer handwriting method for Chinese input, then press down on the small microphone icon between [Sym] and [,] keys on the lower left side of the keyboard and hold down the microphone icon for 2 seconds.

A tool bar with five icons will show up on the screen for you to choose.

How to set up Chinese handwriting input using a mouse, on your Windows OS. | Ang's Tech Bits

The keyboard then becomes the touch sensitive writing pad. You can use your finger tip to write Chinese characters on this writing pad to input your Chinese characters.

C3 - Chinese Input by Voice After Step 11, tap on the small microphone icon on the keyboard The Voice Input screen will show up with "Speak now" on the top and a microphone icon in the middle indicating the smartphone is now ready to take your Voice Input. Depending on your PC setting, it may be necessary to reduce the magnification factor several steps down in order to eliminate the overlap and obstructed text lines. Please press the F11 key Fn key and F11 key on laptop PC on your keyboard to get full-screen view of photos and web page.

Pressing F11 key again will return to your normal screen with various tool bars.

Why You’ve Gotta Learn to Type in Mandarin Chinese

With this new easy way using PC mouse, you do not need any special external tool s for handwriting input for Chinese and Japanese anymore. The instruction with step procedure is the following: 1. Open up Google Search website at www. The Google Translate web page shows up with input window on left side and output window on right side. In general, on the top of input window, you can choose almost any language in the world for input text to be translated, and on the top of output window you can choose almost any language in the world for translated output text.

Choose Chinese or English for the output window on right side. Choose Traditional Chinese for output window if you want Traditional Chinese characters. After you choose Chinese for input window, a small icon with a small down-arrow shows up at the left bottom of the input window for choosing one of several Chinese input methods, such as Pinyin, Handwriting, Zhuyin, etc. Click on the small down-arrow and choose "handwriting input method". A new hand-writing input window appears below the original input window for handwriting input.

中文 drawing input on a magic mouse?

Just use the PC mouse and hold down the left button to write Chinese characters in this hand writing input window, As you write, several possible candidate Chinese characters appear horizontally at the bottom of this hand writing input window for you to choose. Click on the proper one that you want. The desired Chinese characters will appear in the original input window on upper left side.

The input window can hold up to like to Chinese characters. When you finish or fill up the input window, highlight them, copy and paste them into Notepad or a blank Word file. Start over again the same process to continue your long writing. For various reasons s , sometime it is just difficult for us to input certain Chinese characters into the PC.

Draw a Chinese character. For problems or assistance with this site, send an email to Mobilefish.

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Chinese handwriting recognition. Select language:. With this tool you can draw a Chinese character which will be recognized. Please enter the Access Code as displayed above. Output Chinese handwriting recognition:.